Bubble Butt Big Booty Ass Jiggling Goodness!

Wet Peace Offerings

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Elise is about to get her boyfriend some tight wet pussy.

Elise has a beautiful face and what I would definately call a perfect body, this freak is built like a female comic book super hero. Wearing knee high socks, a thong and tight cut off shirts she was caught taking sexy pictures with her cell phone. She panicked and deleted the photos when her man asked who she was sending them to. Elise denied any wrong doing then starting to claim him by showing off that sweet ass of hers. Soon the peace offering continued with her sitting on the couch and putting a dick in her mouth. After making the dick wet Elise started taking off her clothes, playing with her nipples and fingering her pussy. With her twat wet Elise layed on her back, opened her legs and took every inch of dick. After some doggystyle Elise got a nice cumshot all over her onion booty.

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