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Fresh Air And Some Hard Cock

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Minnie Smalls loves getting sperm on her face.

Minnie Smalls was left all only until Brannon jump to her rescue. Chick found out her dumb ass boyfriend cheated on her and the dude kicked her out the car after confessing. Luckily Brannon was there to give Minnie a ride to his boy’s house so she could use the phone. After some talking the idea of revenge was bought up and Minnie was all for it. Soon Minnie was getting her beautiful bubble butt played with and her titties touched. Under some shade Minnie got naked and soon the freak was on her knees sucking her worries away. Slut worked her neck and made the dick wet before backing that jiggling soft ass up on the cock. After a sweet exhibition of ass shaking and dick riding skill Minnie took the dick on her back then was soon getting hot cum all over her beautiful face.


Damanie Rose Gets Broken In

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Damanie Rose enjoying the feeling of cum on her face.

Damanie Rose is new to the game and who better to break her in than J-Mac? Although she’s now getting into porn this playful beauty with a booty wasn’t afraid to get nasty. In the car she showed off her tits and in the house she made that ass jiggle and clap. After getting her butts played with, slapped and spread Damanie was soon on her knees sucking dick. Freak licked the dick real good and even gave the nutts some love. In a few moments that juicy ass of hers where jiggling once she got the cock and started riding. Freak bounced on the cock on the ground, in mid-air, forwards and backwards, chick was all over the place. After orally making the dick wet again Damanie was taking the dick sideways and upside down before getting a nice cumshot to the face.


Gogo Gets It

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Gogo Fuckme showing off her onion booty while working out.

Gogo Fukme is fucking blazing hot, from the tattoo’s to the skin to that jiggling soft ass of hers and please lets not forget about that beautiful smile. Dressed to have a work out, Gogo came out and started making that onion booty clap, jiggle and shake. Freak got the booty moving on the medicine ball, did some jump rope then kept the butt displaying going while laying on the bench. After doing some leg curls Gogo got her juicy bubble butt massaged and oiled down then enjoyed some pussy eating. Soon the freak was getting some cock inserted into her moist twat. Freak took the penis on her back, on her tummy, bounced on dick, did some mid-air cock riding, sucked on cock, rode the dick again, enjoyed some doggy style then got her art filled back and ass covered with hot cum.


A Little Teasing And Lots Of Ass Fucking

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Leilani Leeane showing off her ass while giving some nice head.

If you’re looking for a girl who can suck a mean dick, take cock up the ass and squirt oil out of her onion booty then please look toward’s Leilani’s way. This little freak started off teasing, showing off her sexy legs, shaking her ass, playing with her cheeks and touching her tits. Soon the slut was bending over getting her buns grabbed on and having oil poured into her asshole. After ejecting it out of her anus Leilani Leeane was on her way to getting face fucked. Her mouth got pounded like it was a vagina and when her front grill wasn’t getting tapped she was keeping things sloppy. After some spit dripping head Leilani bounced on the cock anally while enjoying three fingers in her twat, then the ass fucking continued with some doggystyle and some on her back action.


Sally Gets Her Jiggling Soft Ass Pounded

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Big booty Sally giving some nice head.

It’s amazing how many times I’ve heard a guy say “I’ll suck the fart out of her ass”. Now Sally is fine and that onion booty is pretty sweet and all but I don’t know about sucking a fart out. I might kiss it, lay on it, slap it, fuck it and maybe tell it intimate details about my life but that’s as far as I would go. Speaking of fucking After making her ass bounce, clap and shake Sally played with her tits, gave a lap dance then got on the dick. Freak make the penis wet with her mouth then got her twat fucked on her back. Sally enjoyed the dick sideways, bounced on the cock in mid-air before getting fucked from behind. The ass jiggling was madness then things got crazy after the upside down pussy pounded and soon almost every part her frontal body had traces of J-Mac’s cum.


Concoction Of Thickness

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Black Belladonna doing some hardcore dick riding.

This tasty concoction of chocolate, thickness and just fine almost had J-Mac busting an early nut. He was loving that sweet country ass and who could blame him?… Black Belladonna was looking straight up yummy. This all natural thick freak got her booty played with , showed off her big tits and made those soft cheeks clap, wobble and jiggle. Hell, Black Belladonna even did some face sitting and after showing off the onion booty this brown beauty placed her sweet lips on J-Mac’s cock. J-Mac fucked her face and made her deepthroat and the lucky fuck had his dick between her titties. Soon Belladonna was feeling and hearing pounding noises as J-Mac fucked her doggy style then tapped that ass sideways. After some serious dick riding this freak just had to get a cum on her face.


Roof Top Riding

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Jayden Jaymes showing off her onion booty on a low rider bike.

Happy New Year guys lets riding this one in with Jayden Jaymes. This super fine freak looks drop dead gorgeous in this one piece g-string outfit. That onion booty of hers was looking good on the roof top. Freak shook her ass on the roof and gave a few lucky guys on the road something wonderful to enjoy. After making he ass jiggle on and around the bike Jayden took her goodies inside so Voodoo could worship them. Dude played with her ass, licked on her titties and placed his tongue between her crack as Jayden enjoyed some face sitting. After getting her asshole licked and pussy fingered Jayden got on the balls and started licking. Soon this freak was bouncing on the dick, backing that ass up doggystyle, taking the cock sideways and getting cum on her pussy and asshole.


Sweet Hot Coco

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Coco can't wait to get her pussy pounded.

This sexy ass brown chick goes by the name Coco and man can she ride dick. Freak showed up in some super short jean shorts with her ass cheeks hanging out. Her outfit screamed out she was begging to be fucked and if somehow that was lost in translation then all was made clear when Coco pulled out her titties. Soon this little slut was shaking her ass cheeks and after getting the booty played with Coco was quick to get on the dick. Freak wrapped those beautiful lips on the cock and started sucking. After a little head Coco took the dick indoors, shook her ass some more, licked the cock again then bent over for some doggy style. She took the dick from behind, sideways then bounced and slide on the cock before getting those sweet ass cheeks covered with a thick load of sticky cum.


Grabbing The Goodies

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Kendal grabbing on some dick before sucking it.

Kendal comes from the Bahamas and I gotta say this Caribbean Delight is sexy as hell. Personally I think her body is perfect, love the tits and really love the ass. Freak came out looking straight ready to fucked and Chris was ready, willing and able to put a pounding on that ass. First he got a handful of that jiggling ass, then he got his mouth all over her goodies. After getting her nipples licked and pussy played with Kendal soon found herself with a dick in her hand. Slut jerked on the cock and stroked it a little before finally putting it in her warm mouth. Kendal sucked on the dick sitting down and on all fours before taking it for a nice ride. Those boobies where moving nicely with the bounce. After some side dicking and doggystyle Kendal got cum all around her twat.


Cooking With Ass

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Deerida enjoying a good fuck from behind.

Looking like a freshly baked desert Deerida was ready to cook up more than just hot soup. This Chi Town girl was prime to give up the warm goodies, plus she was in the mood for some Latino flavor. In some booty out hot pants Deerida showed off her onion booty in a sweet clapping and jiggling motion. It didn’t take long before Commando got all over that wobbling ass. Freak wanted the cock and soon she was on her knees getting it. After getting oil poured all over her ass and thighs Deerida sucked on cock like it was quenching her thirst. After sucking cock Deerida pulled Commando but the dick towards the couch made soaked it some more then got on top. Freak rode the dick, bounced on the cock and grinded like a true pro and after a good fuck the slut licked cum off her hand.

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