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Beating The Pussy

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Sheila Marie taking a good pussy beating.

When Jon Jon beats the pussy anyone within range can hear the moans and screams of whoever he’s fucking. Sheila Marie knows this first hand, she can’t eat, rest, watch tv or even masturbate without hearing some freak enjoy a pussy beat down. Finally Sheila can’t take it any more so she goes over to Jon Jon’s house to have a few words with him. While talking Sheila notice Jon Jon has a huge bulge and soon she’s flirting and asking to see if the black myth is true. Before Jon Jon realized what was going on Sheila was grabbing his cock, pulling it out and feeling the dick grow in her mouth. Bitch was suppose to complain about the noise but soon this freak was taking a beating to her pussy and ass hole as well as filling the air with dirty sex noises like the rest of them.

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