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Ass Against The Machine

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Sara Jay enjoying having sex with the fuck machine.

Machines have made our lives easier, taken away some of our jobs and the electronic bastards can add fucking some of the women we would love to fuck to the list. Sara Jay is about to get machine fucked and I’m not talking normal machine fucked. This freak got her tits paddled, took a double dildo fucking and squirted in the pile driver position. After getting a custom ordered fucking machine sent to her house quickly checked out all the features. She liked getting her huge tits man handled and really loved getting dildoed from behind. She loved it so much that another dildo was added and soon two dicks where sliding in and out of her pussy at the same time. A few screaming orgasms and some nipple clamps later Sara Jay had the look of euphoria on her face.


Venus Lust Flower

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Sara Jay getting a face between her huge boobs.

Scott was out looking for some flowers for his fiancee when he walked into the local flower shop. Scott wanted to see some roses but instead the florist Sara Jay showed him the venus lust flower. A plant with pheromones so strong it will intoxicate any man with lust and desire. After just one sniff Scott goes wild, rips open Sara’s shirt and starts sucking on her big ole titties. Scott was face deep in Sara’s and although a little shocked this freak was didn’t mind. Soon Sara was on her knees getting a dick in her face and cock between her huge titties. Horny slut deepthroated dick then stood still to receive a good throat fucked. After sucking dick Sara worked her jiggling onion booty while taking the dick then laid on her back while cum sprinkled all over her chin.


Say Deez!

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Sara Jay enjoying some stiff hard dick.

Sara Jay has been looking for work since the economy took a down turn, as she searches the job classifieds in the news paper she sees an ad from a modeling agency. There looking for 30 plus female models with big racks, Sara knows she has what they want. She’s got huge tits, a phat ass and over all her body is just ridiculously amazing. After setting up an appointment she gets her pictures taken by Johnny who loves what he sees. At the end of the shoot Sara ask Johnny if he thinks she has a shot and she got her answer when he placed her hand on his crotch. Sara knew what she had to do and her only concern was getting out by five. Soon the freak is on her knees getting her throat fucked, sliding dick between her titties, working that ass while riding dick.


Chasing After Dick

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Sara Jay getting cock slide between her huge boobs.

At one point Sara Jay was so horny bitch could of sworn she was imagining dick. Turns out it wasn’t her mind playing tricks but a dildo that someone had tied to a string. Not realizing it was tied onto something Sara kept going after the fake cock. Every time Sara came close to getting her horny milf hands on it the thing would be pulled away. Being a persistent dick lover Sare kept on it’s trail all the way back to Mr. Strange’s lair. Once there she finally got her hands on the sex toy and figured out what was going on. As she was about to leave Mr. Strange offered her the real thing and she took him up on his offer. With a smile on her face she pulled the cock out and started sucking it. Then she slide dick between her boobs, worked her onion booty while riding and fucked until her face got sticky.

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