Bubble Butt Big Booty Ass Jiggling Goodness!

A Holiday Special

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Luscious Louis smiling with cum on her left ass cheek.

Though XXXmas was over? Well guess again, at Round and Brown the unwrapping of juicy ass just doesn’t stop and as long as there’s soft cheeks to squirt on may there be no end in sight. The latest juicy set to get unwrapped, tapped and jizzed on belongs to the thick and lovely Luscious Louis. This freak has way more ass than the average man could handle, shit my cock alone would get lost shadows of her ass crack. One man who had no problems taming the twat was Jordan. He just finished giving Luscious her gift and now it was time for him to unwrap his. With his hands grabbing as much booty as possible he stared at the continuous jiggling in amazement. Jordan had been nice all year so Luscious hooked him up with some head then dropped the pussy on him.

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