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Dick Sucking Pradah G

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Pradah G and her goodies just became legal and one of the first things she does as an adult is visit the local glory-hole. After finding it on the internet Prada G builds up the courage to see if the legend is true. While reading all the dirty writings on the wall Pradah starts getting naked, playing with her tits and showing off that round onion booty. Soon the freak is playing away at her juice box when a strange cock pokes through the wall. Pradah doesn’t really realizes what’s going on and after the initial shock she’s soon working up some spit on the dick. Pradah licks and jerks the shaft for a while then bends over and inserts it in her. After sliding on the penis back and forth Pradah gets down and starts begging for cum as she jerks the stranger off. Soon the young freak gets her sticky wish.


Gloryhole Sucking

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Paige Turnah loves the taste of cum as it squirts out a big black dick.

The only thing Paige Turnah loves more than making her pussy wet is getting it pounded with a big black dick. This freak started off watching porn and playing with her twat. Freak fingered herself and even got a taste of her own wetness before getting startled by a stranger’s hand. After getting touched Paige was soon slurping on an anonymous penis. Bitch was deepthroating, jerking and sucking like she was the queen of freaks. Slut was doing everything, teasing the dick, spitting all over it and even brushing her teeth with the damn thing. After showing off her onion booty Paige slid the dick between her ass cheeks then place it in her pussy. Freak backed up that soft ass, and grided on the cock until it was ready to squirt on her lovely face.


Flame On… Dick

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In the mood for naughtiness Tila Flame had no problem getting freaky at her local gloryhole. With Baby Cakes getting her face creamed on the TV Tila Flame started playing with herself while getting naked. As her tits where out a hand came out to grab on one of her boobs. Tila was surprised but I guess she has something for french guys cause soon the slut was sucking on his dick. As the dude’s cock came out of the hole Tila began jerking and tasting. Freak was giving some nice head, workign her neck and keeping the shaft glazed. Tila deepthroated and slapped the cock against her face then she made things extra sloppy. Soon she was spreading her cheeks, backing that ass up doggy style and getting her beautiful face covered in hot sticky cum.


Against The Wall

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Daquiri Divine deepthroating some gloryhole dick.

Daquiri Divine has a nice smile and most importantly she has some firm lips, the kind that were perfectly made for sucking dick. On this day Daquiri would be using her plump penis pleaser at the local glory-hole, just as many before her. After checking out the place Daquiri made herself comfortable but taking off her top. Soon her tits where out and her fingers where twiddling away at her tight pussy. Freak got a taste of herself and lubed up her fingers with sexy tongue of hers. With a hand on her nipple and another on her twat, cock poked through the wall and gave her a pleasant surprise. Soon Daquiri was keeping things sloppy as she spat on all over dick, deepthroating cock then she got a mouthful of jizz after backing that ass up against the wall.


Glory-Hole Thickness

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Maserati using a hard dick to play with her nipples.

Maserati XXX over here is a perfect example of thick. Now if your not girls with a little meat around the good parts I’m pretty sure those huge tits and that soft ass will make you change your tune. This brown skin freak started out her glory-hole adventure checking out some porn movies and soon her boobies where out in the open and being played with. Maserati kissed her tits, sucked on them and even squeezed the bouncy twins together. As she got a hold of herself a stranger’s hand came out a hole and joined in on the action. Maserati was scared but quickly turned on and soon the hand from above hand a stiff partner coming towards her. Wasting no time Maserati got on the shaft, sucked on balls, deepthroated and fucked until spit and sperm ran down her chin.


Sloppy Glory-Hole Head

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I don’t think a girl can give bad sloppy head, as long as my dick is getting spat on in a sloppy extra wet manner… then I’m usually just a few licks from passing out. Now my girl Olivia Winters over here went into the glory-hole knowing what she was doing. Freak has been there before and this time she already had an oral game plan in mind. After playing with her nice tits Olivia got naked then worked her fingers down to her twat. Slut was getting it in and while pleasing herself she hardly noticed the dick coming through the wall. After a second or two Olivia’s focused on the dick then went to work. From the jump Olivia slurped, sucked and kept the dick soaking wet with the sloppy madness. One the sucking and fucking was over this cuties had hot cum all over those sexy lips.


Tay Tasting Dick

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Tay Dash at the glory hole.

Tay Dash is from new york so she knows all the crazy freaky shit that goes on in public bathrooms. In the stall she was surrounded by that oh so familiar artwork, completely stupid jokes, random telephone numbers and a hole in the wall big enough for something sausage shape to come through. A strange but seemingly comfortable environment for Tay,  she quickly gets naked and soon starts working her fingers on her tight wet pussy. Before her juices could get flowing a hard cock poked out from the hole and with the quickly Tay placed the dick in her mouth. Freak was sucking penis with a smile, she loved getting a taste of cock. After backing her soft ass up against the wall for some vaginal pleasuring Tay continued to jerked and sucked until cum covered her tongue, lips, and chin.


Dirty Girl

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Jenna Brooks likes being a dirty girl and today she’s going to get down and dirty in a bathroom stall… oh yeah! The sexy freak quickly got comfortable, she took off her shirt, played with those nice titties and started showing her soft ass cheeks. With perfect timing a dick poked through the hole in the stall wall and with no hesitation Jenna went towards the cock. Jenna worked her mouth on the tip and shaft then started licking balls. My nuts where getting jealous just watching the sweet tongue treatment. In between the cock tasting Jenna would lick her fingers while playing with her asshole, this freak really is a dirty girl. After getting her pussy nice and wet Jenna backed the twat up on the dick then got back down and started jerking until jizz was all over her sexy lips.


Sticky Restroom Facial

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Baby Cakes getting her pussy fucked at the glory hole.

I don’t know what keeps these chicks coming back to the gloryhole but I’m sure as hell glad that they do. Maybe it’s the dirty sex, offensive wall writings, xxx adult magazines or it could just be the mystic of sucking a strange dick from a hole it the wall. Whatever it is I’m happy seeing Baby Cakes getting her mouth and cunt stuffed with dick. Just like last time Baby Cakes starts stripping down to nothing, well unless you count her boots and chain. First she shows off her big beautiful tits and soon her juicy ass is the next thing to be uncovered. Then she starts playing with her pussy and like clock work a hard dick comes through the wall…  like hey bitch, surprise. Baby Cakes grabbed it, sucked on it, place it in her pussy then jerked it with both hands and begged for it to cum all over her face.


Jizz On Baby Cakes

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Baby Cakes sucks cock until it cumes all over her chin, lips and hands.

Baby Cakes wasn’t particularly happy about having to be in a dirty bathroom but like a seasoned cock sucker she made the best out of the situation. After easily and quickly adjusting to her surroundings Baby Cakes started talking about herself while at the same time showing off her goodies. Freak started with her beautiful boobs then she pulled down those jeans and released the Cakes, as usual that onion booty was looking delicious. After showing off her juicy cheeks Baby turned around and gave the camera a glance of her nicely shaven twat. From there on it was mostly jerking, slurping and sucking, stopping only to spread her cheeks or to give the pussy a taste. When all the head bobbing was done Baby Cakes ended up with jizz and spit all over her hands and lips.

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