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Seriously Face Fucked

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Jazzy Lixx's ass jiggles while getting face fucked.

There’s making love, having sex, fucking and then there’s really getting fucked. After showing off her soft ass Jazzy Lixx over here was in for a serious ride. This freak go fucked over for real and her throat took a hardcore pounding. Sadly this one was treated worse than a normal whore. Slut got her throat fucked until she threw up a few times. Jazzy got slapped around and her throat was treated like a tight vagina on her back, on her knees and as her ass jiggle while laying on her tummy. After bouncing on dick, gagging on cock and getting penis slide between her boobs, Jazzy got her pussy fucked right next to her puke stain. Once her on the back dicking and throat pounding was over Jazzy tried to put on a straight face as jizz squirted all over her mug.


Back Door Adjustments

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Kelly Divine cums as dick slides in and out of her onion booty.

The very bust Kelly Divine thought she needed to bring her car to the mechanic but what Keiran Lee realized the buy beauty needed was a few adjustments. First Keiran checked out the car then he used a specialized tool to do some adjustments on her throat. Right there in the garage Kelly was on her knees giving sloppy head. Freak was getting cock slapped, jerking the dick and enjoying a face fucking like a it was a cup of mourning tea. After sticking his dick deep down Kelly’s throat Keiran soon started to work on her tight back door. He pounded that ass like crazy and Kelly made the onion booty jiggle while backing her ass up even more on the dick. Freak rode the dick anally then it was nothing but waves of booty meat and sounds of cumming after that.


Big Bad Beauties

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Kendra Lee shows off the sperm on her big boobs.

Kendra Lee was home doing her thing when an old flame Jerry dropped in to say hello. At first Kendra wasn’t too open to playing around but when Jerry started grabbing on her big boobs the freak quickly got in the mood. Getting her tits passionately sucked on made Kendra real horny. Soon the two where kissing and next thing you knew Kendra was putting dick in her mouth. After getting his dick sucked Jerry slide his cock between Kendra’s tits and started sliding between them. After her titty fucking Kendra’s jeans where pulled off, she got bend over and Jerry began tasting her twat. Jerry couldn’t keep his dick from between tits, he kept going back for more. After getting fucked doggy style and bouncing on dick Kendra soon saw jizz flying towards her face.


The Draw Breaker

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Kayla Paige and Jada Fire enjoying the taste of hard cock.

After some sexy stretching and hot body oiling Jada Fire and Kayla Paige finally got to battle each other. The match was full of action and intense but the final decision was a draw. After hearing the outcome from Johnny Sinns the referee the girls accept and showed their appreciation for each other’s skills with hugs. Strangely the hugs lasted a long time and soon the girls where kissing. Getting into each other the girls started touching titties and Johnny quickly got himself into the action. Dude pulled his dick out and before he knew it Jada was sucking his cock while Kayla worked the balls. After getting his cock double licked, slurped and sucked Johnny started pounded on Kayla’s pussy as she licked on Jada’s and the freakness continued until he squirted out sperm.


Used Like Tools

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Kayla Carrera and Madison Parker getting their tight asshole fucked.

Kayla Carrera wanted to get her asshole fucked something serious but the freak wanted to be in complete control. Working her fingers on Madison Parker the two got turned on talking about fantasies of using men for their dicks. As juices soaked through Madison’s tights Voodoo and Ramon showed up. These sluts badly needed some hard cock and soon they were sucking on some. After making the dicks hard with their tongues Madison was the first to get a hole ripped in her tights and soon she was feeling deep strokes in her asshole. Freak got dicked down doggy style and bounced on dick with Kayla right next to her following. After getting what they wished for the girls bent over right next to each other and got hot squirts of cum all over their soft ass cheeks.


Rolling And Riding

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Zena has skates on her feet and is about to put dick in her mouth.

Chilling at the local park little did J-Mac know he had a super soft juicy surprise coming his way. The guys where bored then all of a sudden Zena and her onion booty came rolling like a sweet jiggling breeze on wheels. Freak was a breath of fresh ass and besides being real cute her body was fucking amazing. Zena had nice tits, a thin waist and a soft butt cheeks that should have it’s own web address. On the court Zena skated around while showing off her tits and maintain jiggle as she got her booty oiled up and slapped around. Once Jmac took her back to the house Zena got those soft cheeks played then started sucking dick with her skates still on. After the roller head Zena’s ass wobbled as she bounced on dick and fucked doggystyle, stopping when cum squirted on her chin.


The Perfect Threesome

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Velicity Von getting water poured all over her bubble butt.

It may surprise a few of you that some of my favorite pornstars don’t even have much ass at all and some of the girls in that group hardly have any boobies. So what makes them a favorite? I love watching these chick because they put in work, they aren’t just laying there making noises and with that being said this threesome does have almost everything. With the exception of that bitches getting stepped tricks, magic tricks, and some of that real hardcore shit that makes you wonder of course. Velicity Von and Sarah Vendella really lay down the nasty in this one. It start off with some booty play and ass shaking in the pool and next thing you know Velicity got her tongue in Sarah’s butt hole. From there on it’s all dirty taking, two girl blowjobs, wild dick riding anal sex and a beautiful cumshot.


Wet Pussy Workout

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Joei Deluxxx with a hard dick on her phat ass.

Joei Deluxxx needed to be worked out but she wanted to concentrate on one set muscles the most and that would be her pussy muscles. She wanted to get her heart rate up with her new personal trainer who she was very much attracted to. So she called him over and slowly seduced him into working on that ass. Joei everything to get his attention, she made sure her titties popped out and did lots of close to the cock bending over. Soon her tights where being pulled down and her juicy ass was being squeezed and rubbed on. After getting her booty worshipped Joei found herself getting what she wanted. Freak was getting a hard dick in her mouth, licking balls, getting face fucked, taking the dick doggystyle, bouncing on cock and shaking her ass while waiting for it to be covered in cum.


From Gags To Riches

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Isis Taylor was just a regular girl who dared to dream big. She wanted to become a famous dancer and a audition at a legendary burlesque show would help do that. Scott was in charge of auditions and after showing Isis work her ass off dancing he wanted to see more. He wanted to see that onion booty out of it’s clothing and Isis then knew if she wanted to be on top she would have to get on top of him. Isis started shaking her ass, and squeezing her tits, she did what ever it took to get the job, even if that meant holding back her gag reflex. After deepthroating Scott’s cock like as her future depended on it, Isis slide the dick between those beautiful titties then got some inside of her. This freaky dreamer bounced on the dick, fucked doggystyle, then got squirted on before getting to her goals.


Picture Perfect Plan

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Rhianna Ryan always knew there was something up with her man, his jealousy was all from his own dirt. He was cheating was afraid Rhianna might of been doing the same thing. Once Rhianna found out the true about her asshole boyfriend she badly wanted to get her revenge. As she talked with a friend they came up with an idea so twisted only a angry women could imagine. The plan was to keep photos of herself sucking another man’s cock on the cell phone so the boyfriend could find them next time he went searching. All she needed now was a dick, that’s when she remembered Ramon, the cute guy at the mall who wanted to get with her. Rhianna called him over and photoed the suck/fuck session with the last images being of her with a satisfied smile and cum all over her lips, chin, face and hair.

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