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Amanda’s Sweet Ass

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Amanda Pink and her sweet round ass.

Amanda Pink showing off her sweet round onion booty.

This ass right here belongs to a cutie named Amanda Pink and it looks like the final release of a product that I not only want but badly need and feels like something that just I have to have. Man I would love to get my hands all over this one. After showing off her sweet onion booty Amanda Pink started playing with her pussy. Soon she was that juicy butt slapped around and played with. Don’t know how Bambino didn’t just play with that jiggling goodness for hours but the lucky fuck got his dick sucked, rode before busting a good nut all over Amanda’s face. This freak was making her ass jiggle while riding cock, taking the dick sideways and fucking like a seasoned slut. Amanda Pink got dicked just right and her horny ass treated the kind with love.


Wet Peace Offerings

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Elise is about to get her boyfriend some tight wet pussy.

Elise has a beautiful face and what I would definately call a perfect body, this freak is built like a female comic book super hero. Wearing knee high socks, a thong and tight cut off shirts she was caught taking sexy pictures with her cell phone. She panicked and deleted the photos when her man asked who she was sending them to. Elise denied any wrong doing then starting to claim him by showing off that sweet ass of hers. Soon the peace offering continued with her sitting on the couch and putting a dick in her mouth. After making the dick wet Elise started taking off her clothes, playing with her nipples and fingering her pussy. With her twat wet Elise layed on her back, opened her legs and took every inch of dick. After some doggystyle Elise got a nice cumshot all over her onion booty.


Sally Gets Her Jiggling Soft Ass Pounded

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Big booty Sally giving some nice head.

It’s amazing how many times I’ve heard a guy say “I’ll suck the fart out of her ass”. Now Sally is fine and that onion booty is pretty sweet and all but I don’t know about sucking a fart out. I might kiss it, lay on it, slap it, fuck it and maybe tell it intimate details about my life but that’s as far as I would go. Speaking of fucking After making her ass bounce, clap and shake Sally played with her tits, gave a lap dance then got on the dick. Freak make the penis wet with her mouth then got her twat fucked on her back. Sally enjoyed the dick sideways, bounced on the cock in mid-air before getting fucked from behind. The ass jiggling was madness then things got crazy after the upside down pussy pounded and soon almost every part her frontal body had traces of J-Mac’s cum.


Tons Of Tush

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Hot sperm drips off the onion booty of Nyomi Banxxx

With a beautiful face, an incredible rack and a huge luscious ass Naomi Banxxx is just fucking amazing. This amazon started showing off her huge boobs and next thing you knew freak was shaking that onion booty everywhere she could. After playing with her tits Naomi made her ass jiggle, shook it on all fours and kept that onion popping while sitting on Voodoo’s face. Not only was he tasting pussy but dude also got face massaged by some soft brown cheeks. After rubbing Voodoo’s face in her goodies Nyomi got on the cock and started sucking. Freak worked that tongue licking everything from the balls to the tip. Soon Naomi was slipping and sliding anally as she bounced on dick and took it from behind. It all nicely ended with her onion booty covered in jizz.


Sweet Hot Coco

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Coco can't wait to get her pussy pounded.

This sexy ass brown chick goes by the name Coco and man can she ride dick. Freak showed up in some super short jean shorts with her ass cheeks hanging out. Her outfit screamed out she was begging to be fucked and if somehow that was lost in translation then all was made clear when Coco pulled out her titties. Soon this little slut was shaking her ass cheeks and after getting the booty played with Coco was quick to get on the dick. Freak wrapped those beautiful lips on the cock and started sucking. After a little head Coco took the dick indoors, shook her ass some more, licked the cock again then bent over for some doggy style. She took the dick from behind, sideways then bounced and slide on the cock before getting those sweet ass cheeks covered with a thick load of sticky cum.


Some Lovely Lumps

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Chrystine has a nice round onion booty.

While shooting a little bikini promo Chrystine wanted to get out of the head but soon found herself in a hot situation. Juan was around and once he saw this hot model her couldn’t wait to get all between that sweet dark crack. Christine was making it jiggle and clap, after playing with her ass she soon found friendly fingers all over her goodies. It wouldn’t be too long before Chrystine made the dick wet with that spit soaked warm tongue of hers. After giving head this cute freak rode the dick then got her ass fingered before getting it oiled down. Once the ass was all glossy and shiny Chrystine got dicked on her side then she rode the cock some more, got fucked doggystyle then got on her knees and licked the dick until cum was all over her chin.


Banged In The Backyard

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Tiffani pushes her deepthroating limits.

Tiffani is a girl with many talents and today we’re going to see most of her sexual ones. Wearing jeans with the ass cheeks cut of out them Tiffani does some amazing spits, don’t know about you but I’m loving this dame already. After some booty play Brannon took the freak to this beautiful backyard where more ass play continued. Dude got a lap dance then began helping Tiffani oil up her goodies. After getting her ass and tits all shinny Tiffani started giving head. This dirty girl slide the dick deep down her throat before laying on her side and spreading her cheeks for a deep dicking. Soon Tiffani was bouncing on the dick and taking the cock doggy style. After taking the dick on her back then from behind again Tiffani got her chin, lips and nose glazed.


Mocha Gets Creamed

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Mocha can't wait to get a hard dick deep in her tight pussy.

It’s not even my birthday yet but Reality Kings is still blessing me with nicely wrapped presents. Mocha aka Mariah over here was looking like a colorful dream and she was shaking it like it was 2012. This freak kept the ass clapping and after she got her butt cheeks oiled down the booty shaking continued. With her buns all oiled up Mocha got her cheeks played with than gave J-mac a nice but quick lap dance. After rubbing his cock with those glazed up buns Mocha got down on her knees and started working her magic. Once the dick was wet Mocha got on top and started sliding over it, stopping only to suck it some more and change positions. After some doggy style Mocha got dicked standing up in the shower then rode the dick again until cum squirted all over her cute face.


Loving The Juicy

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Jackie Ryan riding dick while licking on her huge nipple.

I love dark skin women and right now I’m feeling Jackie Ryan like some good head on a friday afternoon. This freak has a nice smile, nipples I would love to get my mouth on and a juicy ass that besides spreadings she just loves to jiggle. After shaking her onion booty Jackie got her ass played with, licked and even oiled down. J-mac was liking the juiciness and Jackie was really feeling the way his cock slide between her soft cheeks. Jackie had the dick between her cheek, in her hands and now it was time to let her lips get in on the action. Soon she was in the pool licking balls and shaft all while jiggling her ass. After some dick riding, Jackie bounced on dick, got pounded sideways, and took the dick doggystyle before spreading her cheeks for some hot cum.


Fucking, Sucking And Making That Ass Jiggle!

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Amina spreading open her juicy ass cheeks.

Amina knew what she came for, out of her own mouth she talked about fucking, sucking, and making that ass jiggle. This cock loving freak sure was cocky and just like her ass she knew how to back it up. After making her jiggling and clapping her ass cheeks, Amina got her onion booty oiled down, played with her tits then knocked on the door to begin her dicking. As Voodoo answered the door freak told him she was ready and man was she right. Amina shook her ass some more then got on the penis and started working those dick sucking lips. Slut felt shaft get hard in her mouth then got on the cock and started bouncing. Those soft cheeks of hers turned into waves as she got pounded from below, the side, behind and even above until her pussy and ass crack was covered in cum.

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