Bubble Butt Big Booty Ass Jiggling Goodness!

Jizzing On Jazzi

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Jazzi enjoying some d from behind.

Jazzi loves taking the dick from behind.

This golden cutie with the red hair is named Jazzi and man would I love to feel her touch. She really knows what to do with her hands, her mouth and cum to think about it… just about everything thing else on her. After having a little fun in the pool which involved shaking her ass, getting that booty oiled down and even giving a little head. Jazzi was enjoying getting her tits played with pool side but it was time to go indoors and get some D. Once the pussy was tasted Jazzi made the dick wet with her mouth and soon she was backing those soft cheeks up against a hard cock. This freak took the dick sideways, rode the cock reverse and regular cowgirl and got finger fucked in between the position changes. After getting hot cum squirted on her cute face, Jazzi blow a kiss towards the camera.


Amanda’s Sweet Ass

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Amanda Pink and her sweet round ass.

Amanda Pink showing off her sweet round onion booty.

This ass right here belongs to a cutie named Amanda Pink and it looks like the final release of a product that I not only want but badly need and feels like something that just I have to have. Man I would love to get my hands all over this one. After showing off her sweet onion booty Amanda Pink started playing with her pussy. Soon she was that juicy butt slapped around and played with. Don’t know how Bambino didn’t just play with that jiggling goodness for hours but the lucky fuck got his dick sucked, rode before busting a good nut all over Amanda’s face. This freak was making her ass jiggle while riding cock, taking the dick sideways and fucking like a seasoned slut. Amanda Pink got dicked just right and her horny ass treated the kind with love.


Brown Ass And Roller Skates

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Sexy brown slut gets hot jizz all over her lovely face.

Armani Monroe with cum dripping from her chin to her boobs.

Thank god bubble butts don’t grow on trees cause my dick would be wrecked with splinters and with asses like the one on Armani Monroe over here, I would get no healing time. I mean this is one sweet ass in a nice compact package. You’re probably thinking… how can this get any better? Well the guys at round and brown decided to give her knee-high socks and roller skates… Fucking Awesome! The goodness doesn’t just stop there. On top of having a sweet ass and the fashion sense to go along with it Armani Monroe has a super adorable look that would melt your heart and somehow make you hard too and on top of that the body on her is just ridiculous. Watch this babe suck dick, shake her ass, bounce on cock and get that lovely face of hers creamed.


Megan Maze Working That Round Bottom

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Meagan Maze working her soft lips on some hard white cock.

Meagan Maze may look like a lost Angel on her way to heaven but this little freak is dirty. Before her music video shoot Meagan had some time to kill and what better way to pass time than with sex. Michael would be the lucky guy to help her with her little time issue. Now I don’t know what kind of music video Meagan was going for but if it involved booty shaking then this slut got the skill down tight. Freak has no problem making those soft ass cheeks shake and jiggle. Slut even slapped her cheeks around before Michael came over and got his lips all over that ass. Meagan got her butt kissed, her ass hole and pussy licked then got down and started using her lips. After giving some head Meagan got fucked from behind, sideways and was soon getting cum all over her face after sucking some more dick.


Fresh Air And Some Hard Cock

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Minnie Smalls loves getting sperm on her face.

Minnie Smalls was left all only until Brannon jump to her rescue. Chick found out her dumb ass boyfriend cheated on her and the dude kicked her out the car after confessing. Luckily Brannon was there to give Minnie a ride to his boy’s house so she could use the phone. After some talking the idea of revenge was bought up and Minnie was all for it. Soon Minnie was getting her beautiful bubble butt played with and her titties touched. Under some shade Minnie got naked and soon the freak was on her knees sucking her worries away. Slut worked her neck and made the dick wet before backing that jiggling soft ass up on the cock. After a sweet exhibition of ass shaking and dick riding skill Minnie took the dick on her back then was soon getting hot cum all over her beautiful face.


Extremely Face Fucked

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Angel Starr getting treated like a dirty slut.

Angel Starr maybe one to her daddy but I don’t know about these guys. Angel is a petite freak with a nice body, a cute smile and maybe a few screws loose. After showing off her nice boobs and that sexy little ass of hers Angel Starr had maybe a few seconds to get herself ready before dick was being shoved down her throat. Angel didn’t even have time to work up a spit and next thing she knew balls her hitting her chin. Soon the face fucking made Angel puke and instead of stopping dude put her face in it and kept on fucking her. Angel even got face fucked upside down and on her back before getting her pussy pounded doggysytle. After riding dick  and sitting on the cock reverse cowgirl Angel got hot cum all over her forehead with no smile to be found.


Ivy Bleu Blows

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Here is another cute face in the never ending line of chicks who don’t mind getting treated like shit. Ivy Bleu definitely has a nice smiles but smiles don’t last too long on this site. Today she will be taking dick from a white guy in an afro with black face on and if that wasn’t humiliating enough, this dirty little freak will taking the dick while being talked down to. Ivy Bleu sucked on dick, deep-throated the cock, licked on the balls, got face fucked on her knees, while laying on her back and even licked some ass. After some tea bagging and doggystyle Ivy Bleu was on her knees getting a warm blast of hot jizz all over her said looking face. It looks like she won’t be doing this again, but with some of these chick you just really never know. I guess getting treated like crap really turns some women on.


Magan Vaughn Shaking Her Ass While Getting Finger Fucked

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Megan Vaughn showing off her boobs and her pussy.

Megan Vaughn was in the middle of possibly the hottest photo shoot in the history of ever when Ramon called to let her know he was ready to pick her up. He waited for a while inside the studio and after a while of seeing her naked dude had to take it. Ramon witness Megan play with her titties, spread her ass cheeks and play with her pussy. Soon Ramon was pouring oil all over that soft ass, slapping her bubble butt around and watching her shake that onion booty while two fingers slide between her tight wet pussy. Ramon was in heaven or at least it looked like he saw the light after Megan did some face sitting. After getting her pussy licked Megan got on the dick and started riding. Freak took the cock doggystyle, sideways and got cum all over her cute face when it was all over.


Working Out And Working Dick

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After working out Jade Nacole likes to get fucked.

Jade Nacole looks like she should be put in a box somewhere as a collector’s item cause this freak is perfect. That tone sexy body of her is just as beautiful as her face. Today she came for a workout and she would be definately getting one from Tony. Jade was already showing off her body but soon she would be doing it in detail. Freak showed off her tits, her ass and then her pussy. After getting that ass oiled up and licked Jade played with her twat some more then got on the dick and started sucking. After working up a nice coat of spit on the dick Jade got on top and started riding, freak sure knew how to put her ass shaking skills to work while fucking. Slut got fucked on her side and on her back then rode the dick again before getting jizz all over her face.


Damanie Rose Gets Broken In

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Damanie Rose enjoying the feeling of cum on her face.

Damanie Rose is new to the game and who better to break her in than J-Mac? Although she’s now getting into porn this playful beauty with a booty wasn’t afraid to get nasty. In the car she showed off her tits and in the house she made that ass jiggle and clap. After getting her butts played with, slapped and spread Damanie was soon on her knees sucking dick. Freak licked the dick real good and even gave the nutts some love. In a few moments that juicy ass of hers where jiggling once she got the cock and started riding. Freak bounced on the cock on the ground, in mid-air, forwards and backwards, chick was all over the place. After orally making the dick wet again Damanie was taking the dick sideways and upside down before getting a nice cumshot to the face.

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