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Amanda’s Sweet Ass

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Amanda Pink and her sweet round ass.

Amanda Pink showing off her sweet round onion booty.

This ass right here belongs to a cutie named Amanda Pink and it looks like the final release of a product that I not only want but badly need and feels like something that just I have to have. Man I would love to get my hands all over this one. After showing off her sweet onion booty Amanda Pink started playing with her pussy. Soon she was that juicy butt slapped around and played with. Don’t know how Bambino didn’t just play with that jiggling goodness for hours but the lucky fuck got his dick sucked, rode before busting a good nut all over Amanda’s face. This freak was making her ass jiggle while riding cock, taking the dick sideways and fucking like a seasoned slut. Amanda Pink got dicked just right and her horny ass treated the kind with love.


Brown Ass And Roller Skates

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Sexy brown slut gets hot jizz all over her lovely face.

Armani Monroe with cum dripping from her chin to her boobs.

Thank god bubble butts don’t grow on trees cause my dick would be wrecked with splinters and with asses like the one on Armani Monroe over here, I would get no healing time. I mean this is one sweet ass in a nice compact package. You’re probably thinking… how can this get any better? Well the guys at round and brown decided to give her knee-high socks and roller skates… Fucking Awesome! The goodness doesn’t just stop there. On top of having a sweet ass and the fashion sense to go along with it Armani Monroe has a super adorable look that would melt your heart and somehow make you hard too and on top of that the body on her is just ridiculous. Watch this babe suck dick, shake her ass, bounce on cock and get that lovely face of hers creamed.


Megan Maze Working That Round Bottom

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Meagan Maze working her soft lips on some hard white cock.

Meagan Maze may look like a lost Angel on her way to heaven but this little freak is dirty. Before her music video shoot Meagan had some time to kill and what better way to pass time than with sex. Michael would be the lucky guy to help her with her little time issue. Now I don’t know what kind of music video Meagan was going for but if it involved booty shaking then this slut got the skill down tight. Freak has no problem making those soft ass cheeks shake and jiggle. Slut even slapped her cheeks around before Michael came over and got his lips all over that ass. Meagan got her butt kissed, her ass hole and pussy licked then got down and started using her lips. After giving some head Meagan got fucked from behind, sideways and was soon getting cum all over her face after sucking some more dick.


Thick And Thirsty

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Boogatti and her big booty sexy friend playing with dick while in the bathtub.

Boogatti and her friend Sexy Black where enjoying each other’s company, the two where drinking while taking a very hot bubble bath together. With perfect timing Boogatti’s boyfriend walks in on the whole scene with a camera in hand and he wants to use his new toy. Soon the lucky S.O.B would have more than a new toy to play with. After being introduce Boogatti tries to get her friend to touch her man’s dick. The two jerk on it at the same time before Boogatti puts her sexy lips all over the cock. She invites her friend for a taste and she was hesistant but soon the freak is sucking on it like she was thirsty. Next thing you know Sexy Black is taking the dick from behind, getting fucked on her back and sharing a nice sticky cum facial while Boogatii cheers her on.


Hot As Raquel

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Miss Raquel loves sitting on some hard dick.

Miss Raquel showed up dressed up in red which was very appropriate cause this freak is hot as hell. After showing off her titties and making them bounce Miss Raquel made her cheeks the act as she had that onion booty jiggle, shake and pop. Soon her ass was getting slapped on and her pussy was getting licked. Before J-Mac knew it Miss Raquel was in the 69 position with her mouth on his dick. J-Mac rubbed her up and kept a handful of hair as the freak sucked on the cock and nicely licked on the balls. Slut put the dick between her titties, got down and gave head again before bending over for some doggystyle. Miss Raquel was loving the cock and after taking the dick on the side freak got on top and started riding until hot sticky cum was dripping off her lips and landing between her titties.


Official Judge Joe Brown Parody

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Slurping Down Rednecks

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Jessica Grabbit enjoying a cum shower.

Jessica Grabbit’s love for white cock knows no bounds and although her friend Stevie Shae is into black cock she tells her about a secret club where black girls can get white meat. Jessica has always had a fantasy about being surround by white cocks so she jumps at the challenge. With Stevie close by Jessica gets right on the closest dick and starts sucking. Soon her friend and the other guys are playing with her tits. Stevie helps her deepthroat and watches as Jessica jerks, sucks and spit on any dick coming her way. Eight different cock either got wet in her mouth, slapped against her tits and squeezed in her hands. After getting face fucked and pounded doggy style by every dude in the room Jessica Grabbit begged for a cum shower and quickly got it.


The Bounce Is Back

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Briella Bounce plays with her tits while getting her onion booty and face creamed.

Armed with some new booty tricks and what looks like some extra junk in her trunk Briella Bounce was just primed for a good fucking, but before getting touched Briella made her ass clap, shake and pop one cheek at a time. Freak kept the onion booty jiggling while getting it slapped around by two guys and soon she found their dicks all up in her face. Like a true freak Briella went back and forth sucking and jerking, making sure to kept things sloppy. The slut even rubbed the cocks on her nipples and kept at least one dick in her mouth while trying to fuck. Slut gave head while taking the dick doggy style, kept a penis wet on her side and got cock slapped while getting fucked on her back. After a few squirting orgasms Ms Bounce got her ass and face covered in hot cum.


Charmaine’s Sweet Ass

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Charmaine likes getting her tight pussy fucked from behind.

Charmaine was invited to watch the game and spend some time with the fellas but she was taking forever to get ready. She was getting all dolled up and had already missed the first half, Chris was pissed but once he saw what the Amazon was wearing dude was ready to bounce all over that round plump juicy ass. Charmaine showed off her onion booty and all of a sudden Chris was feeling much better. He started playing with the booty, kissing, slapping and rubbing all over her it. Charmaine started making her cheeks move one by one, playing with her titties and next thing you knew she was filling her mouth with dick. After deepthroating and licking balls Charmaine rode the dick, took the cock doggy style, felt some deep dicking on her side then got cum all over her cute face.


Some Lovely Lumps

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Chrystine has a nice round onion booty.

While shooting a little bikini promo Chrystine wanted to get out of the head but soon found herself in a hot situation. Juan was around and once he saw this hot model her couldn’t wait to get all between that sweet dark crack. Christine was making it jiggle and clap, after playing with her ass she soon found friendly fingers all over her goodies. It wouldn’t be too long before Chrystine made the dick wet with that spit soaked warm tongue of hers. After giving head this cute freak rode the dick then got her ass fingered before getting it oiled down. Once the ass was all glossy and shiny Chrystine got dicked on her side then she rode the cock some more, got fucked doggystyle then got on her knees and licked the dick until cum was all over her chin.

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