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Hole In The Wall

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Codi Bryant showing off her onion booty and sucking dick.

Usually a place that’s a hole in the wall really sucks, this place is no different but it sucks in a completely different way. It sucks in a good way, you see on this day Codi Bryant is doing the sucking and the only thing that sucks about that is being the guy behind the wall. Sadly he doesn’t get to see Codi’s huge tits, her round onion booty or even the soft lips hugging the tip of his dick, but who cares he’s getting his dick sucked. We on the other hand get to watch Codi play with her huge boobs, squeeze those sexy nipples, spit all over some hard cock, and even back her juicy ass up against the wall for some doggy style. This freak could make a blind man cum without touching him and speaking of skeet Codi got the sticky stuff all over her chin, lips, tits and thigh.


Hit By Balls

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Codi Bryant showing off her onion booty while sucking dick.

While playing an intense game of baseball Codi Bryant gets hit in her huge boobies while up at bat. She didn’t even get a chance to swing before being knocked down by the unstoppable fast ball. Concerned about her well being Johnny took her back to the locker room and focussed his skills on making her titties feel better. He put a ice pack on her ta-tas then convinced her to take her top off before massaging her rack with medical cream (which by the way turned out to be massage oil). His hand rubbing all over her nipples must of did the job cause soon she was working on getting her chin hit by a different set of balls. Codi gave sloppy head, deepthroated the dick then got her pussy stuffed with hard cock before Johnny tried applying some more of his cream.


Codi Lets Loose

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Codi Bryant getting her tight wet pussy fucked.

At the office Codi Bryant is a real up tight girl but on this day all that would change. She is offered a drink by Keiran Lee and many gulps later Codi starts to loosen up. She lets her hair down, dances a little, drunks the spiked punch and doesn’t even notice her nipples popping out. As the rest of the office goes out with their money spending boss Keiran is left alone with the hot Codi. With her sweet bouncy juicy boobies exposed Keiran compliments Codi on her beautiful set as well as her prettiness. Then out of no where she asked him if he would fuck her and as any guy reading this would reply he said “honey, I would fuck you right here, right now”. The rest is sticky history… Codi got a hard dick down her throat, slide it between her titties then took the cock for a ride.


Head Above Water

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Rane Revere and Codi Bryant are about to suck on a hard cock.

This threesome will knock your socks off ladies and gentlemen, Codi Bryant and Rane Revere where so hot together I’m surprise my balls haven’t spontaneously combusted yet. This one starts off with Rane Revere and Codi Bryant chilling, relaxing and oiling each other up in the pool. Soon the girls are shaking their ass cheeks and making those drool inducing booties clap. After the jiggle Codi got a taste of Rane then the freaks turned their tongue’s attention towards Voodoo’s penis. Never seen a man look so happy, he and his dick were smiling at the same time. After pulling Voodoo’s cock and balls in different directions orally the girls took turns spitting on cock and riding dick. The dicking and licking continued until Rane and Codi both had cum running down their ass cheeks.


God Blessed America

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America gets hot sticky cum all over her onion booty.

God blessed America with good looks, a beautiful body, a lovely onion booty and a pair of tits that will have a grown man reverting to infant stage. After pouring oil all over her goodies and dipping her jiggling butt cheeks in the pool America got blessed again but this time with some dick. With her legs open Codi Bryant played with her wet tight cock hungry pussy until Ramon came over and delivered his stiff package straight to her warm steamy mouth. America Moore swallowed his cock, sucked on the balls one by one and even had the dick sliding between her bouncy oiled up boobs, it was fucking beautiful. After getting her clit licked America got dicked on her back, backed that ass up while getting fucked doggystyle and jiggling her onion booty while riding dick until cum was sprinkled on her cheeks.

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