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Doing Hard Time

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Evanni Soleil is about to get a hard dick in her asshole.

Evanni Soleil has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of her cheating boyfriend. Trying not to think about all the time she has to look forward too Evanni paces around her cell trying to convince herself it was his fault. With lots of anger built up inside of her Evanni has been taking it out of other inmates and this time Ramon catches her red handed. After seeing her beat another prisoner bloody over some jello Ramon decides to take his frustration out on her ass. He gets her alone, rough her up a little bit then starts playing with her boobs and cheeks. Sexy Evanni resisted a little but she starts enjoying it and soon freak is on her knees sucking dick. Getting a hard dick deep in her ass wasn’t exactly the release she was hoping for but it was the sexual release the crazy bitch needed.


Real Or Fake?

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Isis Love showing off her fake huge tits.

Keiran and his buddy are at work are wondering if the hot new girl’s tits are real. While at her desk Isis Love hardly pays attention while the guys stand around staring and talking about her nice boobs. After a while Keiran finally has the courage to just go up and ask her. Isis didn’t seem to mind that much at all, in fact she was willing to go the extra mile to show their realness. With very little resistance Isis pulled out her tits to gave Keiran a closer look. Freak gave a few handfuls of her bouncy goodness and if that wasn’t enough she even shoved her nipples in his mouth, asking him if they tasted real. Things got real hot and next thing you knew Isis was working her spit all over the cock, bouncing on dick and getting cum all over her lips and titties.

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