Bubble Butt Big Booty Ass Jiggling Goodness!

Ass On Anita

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Anita Peida loving the feeling of hard cock between her buns.

Anita Peida won a bet against Voodoo and now she’s going to get a full body massage and make him cater to her. Even though Voodoo lost the best he was soon feel like a winner. After watching Anita shake that soft ass he got to rub oil into those jiggling cheeks and even slapped it around a bit. Anita was loved getting her ass and tits squeezed so after the massage she pulled out Voodoo’s dick and started sucking. Soon Anita was adding in some booty shaking with her head exhibition. After getting the dick wet Anita took the dick on her back,  got pounded on her side then got up and started sliding up and down Voodoo’s shaft. Soon the freak was riding dick reverse cow girl, backing her ass up doggy style and getting cum all over her ass cheeks after taking the dick while on her tummy.


Simply Bootiful

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Staxxx and Zena showing off lots of juicy onion booty. 

This if fucking ridiculous right here, I didn’t think this much ass jiggling goodness could possible be handled by just one man. There was so much ass shaking, butt bumping and booty clapping but yet J-mac handled it all like a true pro. When he came out the house with Zena and Chanel Staxxx on his arm I lost my load just thinking about the possibilities. From the very start these two kept the jiggle going and J-mac got was part of the action. At one point they sat on him, shook their ass cheeks over him, it was like he was their personal stipper pole. The jiggle continued back inside and after getting their ass cheeks wet and soapy the girls got on the cock and started sucking. Zena and Staxxx tasted each other while getting dicked doggy style, bounced on dick then got cum on their ass cheeks.


Ass Applauding Dick

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Cheetah Blige works at a strip club in Atlanta where she mesmerizes guys with her ass shaking and booty poppin skills. One thing that really drives guy’s crazy is her ability to make her ass clap. Seeing two huge brown butt cheeks slapping together can easily have you falling in love with her. Her onion booty is awesome and there’s nothing like seeing her grab your dick while giving your erection a standing ovation. Cheetah likes applauding hard dick and today she would have a lot to clap for. After shaking her juicy ass around the stripper pole, Cheetah got her warm mouth filled with some hard dick. She felt a bulge between her gums and cheeks then got her pussy pounded doggystyle and bounced on dick until it squirted all over her sweet jiggling ass of hers.

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