Bubble Butt Big Booty Ass Jiggling Goodness!

Booty Poppin

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Nikki Stone loves getting fucked doggystyle.

Nikki Stone has the ability to make her ass move in ways that small religious groups might frown upon. It’s a thing of beauty and I could tell you that southern booty of hers should itself be worshipped. J-Mac had the same idea cause he focused on that ass like a bug coming towards the light. Once he saw Nikki show off that ass by the pool he had to get his hands on it. Nikki got that ass squeezed, played with, sprinkled with water and even felt J-Mac put his face deep between her crack. After putting his face in her ass J-Mac took her inside and licked it. Nikki did some tongue playing of her own as she sucked cock on all fours. Afterwards Nikki rode the dick, got fucked on her side, enjoyed doggy style then got cum all over that sweet southern booty.


Bubbles And Lumps

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Kaylee Kisses and Christine showing off some onion booty.

J-Mac and Commando where running late but once the guys showed up they where treated to the sights of Chrystine aka Christine and Kaylee Kisses shaking their asses and in chain link bikinis. Moments ago the girls where touching and licking each other and now they where being felt up and touched by two guys trying to dick them down. After some booty jiggling and in pool booty splashing Kaylee and Christine where side by side getting their feet wet and stuffing their mouths with cock. After giving some nice head the girls took the action inside. Christine did some riding on J-Mac’s dick while Kaylee took the cock from behind. Asses turned into waves and after taking the dick doggystyle the girls got down and waited for both guys to cover those cute faces in jizz.


Charmaine’s Sweet Ass

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Charmaine likes getting her tight pussy fucked from behind.

Charmaine was invited to watch the game and spend some time with the fellas but she was taking forever to get ready. She was getting all dolled up and had already missed the first half, Chris was pissed but once he saw what the Amazon was wearing dude was ready to bounce all over that round plump juicy ass. Charmaine showed off her onion booty and all of a sudden Chris was feeling much better. He started playing with the booty, kissing, slapping and rubbing all over her it. Charmaine started making her cheeks move one by one, playing with her titties and next thing you knew she was filling her mouth with dick. After deepthroating and licking balls Charmaine rode the dick, took the cock doggy style, felt some deep dicking on her side then got cum all over her cute face.


Oil Rumble

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Sammie Rhodes all oiled up and looking sexy on top of Rilee Marks.

Call it what you want but right now I’m feeling a little lesbian envy. I mean come on… four cute hot chicks in bikinis getting oiled up, wrestling in a ring and not a pussy aimed hard dick in sight… life just isn’t fair… but on the positive side at least I get to watch and watch I did. Ashley Jane, Karlie Montana, Sammie Rhodes and Rilee Marks took turns slipping and sliding all over it other and it was fucking sexy. In the middle of the ring drenched with baby oil these horny sporty girls soon turned into a moving rhythmic heap of twat fingering, pussy eating and a few lesbian positions that I do not know the name of. It was beautiful… moans filled the air, hard nipples where rubbed, asses where licked, pussies where bumped together and side by side orgasms where had.


Asheerah Gets Cum All Over Her Big Natural Titties

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Asheerah getting naked and ready for some dick.

Asheerah is a soft body goddess who’s hot enough to give a new born a hard on. This chick has nice tits, beautiful areolas and an ass nice enough to live in my dreams. Asheerah’s body must of been the result of years of healthy eating and today Voodoo was going to hook her up with a shake then feed the freak some of his meat. After some ass and tit play Asheerah was getting that lovely body oiled down. Oil was all over her huge tits and soon it was all over that onion booty. After heading inside Voodoo sucked on Asheerah’s nipples then Asheerah started playing with his dick. Freak quickly got on her knees and started sucking dick. Soon dick was sliding between her tits. After some dick riding and doggy style those same tits would be covered in multiple drops of hot cum.


So Taste Tay

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Tay loves sitting on a hard cock. 

This petite cuties has the right amount of thick in the right place. Tay Dash has a small tits, a nice ass and freak was looking tasty in her blue bathing suit. I couldn’t wait to see that bikini bottom drop and Tay didn’t even make it back to the crib before dick was in her mouth. Tay licked J-mac’s sausage in the car then continued the head tickling back indoors. In between head Tay got her onion booty played with then felt cock enter her tight twat as she layed on her side. Soon Tay was enjoying the dick on her back and getting her bubble butt slapped on like drums as J-Mac dip fucked the freak from above. After getting pounded on Tay got to do some riding of her own. Working that onion booty Tay bounced on dick then got hot cum on those soft bubbly ass cheeks right after getting it doggy style.


Complete Awesomeness

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Diamond Mason sucking dick on all fours.

This is the type of onion booty that will either make you believe in an higher existence or completely denied one, it changes everything. Diamond Mason not only has an amazing onion booty but she has the skills to back it up. This freak makes the booty clap, moved each soft pillow like butt cheek at free will and shake her ass jiggle in any position, even while doing splits. After getting baby oil thoroughly massaged into her sweet brown jiggling booty Diamond got on the dick and started spitting on it. Diamond jerked and sucked then once it was wet the freak got on and began riding cock like there was no tomorrow. Her ass turned to waves and after griding on dick her booty continued to jiggle with her tits swang and bouncing into blurs as she enjoyed the dick doggystyle.


Slide Right In

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Giselle shows off her soft ass cheeks before getting dicked down.

Petite girls are nice and all but somethings you gotta stick with the thick and my girl Giselle over here is definitely strutting around those plus sized goodies. This twenty two year old came all the way from Atlanta and she’s fittin to fuck but before touching dick, J-mac was all over that ass. He didn’t wait two second for her to walk into the scene before dry humping her. Soon he was playing with her jiggling phat onion booty and getting handfuls of her huge tits. After slipping behind her and getting a taste of that soft wet ass and pussy J-mac was soon getting his dick sucked. Freak got face fucked, gagged on dick then slide the cock between her titties before sitting on it. After fucking doggy style and getting fucked in the shower Giselle got cum all over her ass.


Slippery Ass Cheeks

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Krissy Lynn sits on top as cock slides in her tight asshole.

Krissy Lynn had something special planned for Voodoo, something that involved baby oil, an inflatable pool and her naked body. That alone would of made me happy but Krissy started shaking that ass like you wouldn’t believe. Freak showed off the titties, made her booty pop, moved those soft cheeks one at a time then started playing with her pussy. After splashing around in oil Krissy pulled her thong down and started sucking on Voodoo’s cock when she finished playing with it. Soon this oiled up cutie was slipping and sliding up and down some stiff shaft, playing with her tits while enjoying dick in her pussy. Krissy loved riding dick, she even did it anally and while the cock went deeper into her slippery tight ass doggystyle she made that booty jiggle on all fours.


Thick And Curvy

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Gieselle Taylor taking some dick for a ride.

I love a thick girl who knows what to do with her goodies and when it comes to ass and titties Gieselle Taylor definitely has a lot of both. Freak came rocking this pink bikini with matching color stockings which showed off her soft butt cheeks. I couldn’t wait to see Gieselle pull out those huge boobs and once she did J-mac was there squirting baby oil all over her nipple rings. After watching Gieselle make her tits bounce and jiggle that ass he took the slut inside for some action. The two got into some more ass play then Gieselle got on her knees and started giving head. Once this freak finished licking balls, she got her pussy licked then got on the dick and started riding.  Later she got fucked doggy style then got cum all over her boobies after a good fucking.

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