Bubble Butt Big Booty Ass Jiggling Goodness!

Vanessa Monet looking cute with a dick in her mouth

Yeah this chick is a cutie, she has that lustful look in her eyes and for some reason a dick looks right at home resting on her gums. Vanessa Monet may not have big tits or a huge ass but she’s sexy and this petite freak knows how to work with everything she’s got. Watching her suck dick was just beautiful as she uses her lips, tongue and mouth to skillfuly please. Vanessa can really handle a hard cock and when she’s on top she can work that ass with the best of them. This bitch is just hot and when the sex was all over she had cum all over her face and a big smile on…sexy!


The Many Faces Of A Cum Facial

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Ashanti makes funny faces while getting cum squirted on her face

Come on guys.. admit it! you love busting a nut on a chick’s face. Why exactly? who knows!? We all have our own reasons for doing it and loving it but what I really love and I know some of you do too is the faces some of these chicks make. We all love seeing a slut get treated like one, and just waiting to see what a women’s reaction to cum on her face will be is half the fun. Sometimes they like it, sometimes they fakes it, and sometimes they just hate it and the faces they make are fucking priceless. Now Ashanti here likes the dick but doesn’t like what cums out of it, well at least not on her face. She got face fucked by two dicks back to back to the point where she was gagging, then she got dicked down and I bet she was loving it all but when it came time for her cum facial the animated expressions began.


Lucky, The Cock Sucking Lesbian

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photo of lesbian pornstar Lucky smiling

Are you confused right now? So am I and maybe so is Lucky. I’ve seen this chick on another site with her lesbian girlfriend Kisha, it was called Ashley and Kisha The Right Fit, you can check that out on the Comstock Films Video Podcast. I like this chick she’s cool but as a lesbian she sucks, no really! I’ve never seen a lesbian suck so much dick before and today she’s sucking two dicks and trying to swallowing cum, now thats my kind of Lesbian. You got to see what they do to this chick, these guys bust a nut all in her mouth, make her spit it out into a cup then have her try to swallow it.


Carmen Hayes Gives A Hardcore Request

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Carmen Hayes holding up he big tits

This chick use to have a nice ass when she was thicker but now that’s she’s lost all that weight it’s almost gone.. Damn.. Let have a moment of silence for what was please… Sigh, why girl why?.. well even with all that extra juiciness gone Carmen Hayes is still one bad bitch. Her tits are still fucking huge and when it comes to sex Carmen is a cock hungry nymphomaniac. You got to see how well this chick can handle some cock, you can tell she love getting nasty. When Carmen was on her back getting fucked, this chick came out and demanded that the guy busts his nut inside of her pussy, she wanted her creampie and Carmen didn’t stop tempting him until she felt his jizz squirting against her pussy walls.


Jade Gets Her Pussy Walls Painted

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Jade getting her pussy licked

Besides her weird looking boobs, everything was hot on Jade’s body. Her ass is nice and round and she has a smile that can tame an angry heart but like the saying goes it what’s on the inside that counts. Or maybe I should say what’s going inside of her… Besides getting poked with a hard cock, Jade gets her pussy walls painted with hot jizz. Well it all started with Jade showing off her body. After that it was a back and forth game of giving head, then she got her crooked boobs fucked. Then the sweet part came, Jade got dicked down and while she was getting fucked the magic words came out “I’m cumming”. At that very moment her pussy walls where getting painted with hot cum. After the guy pulls out she used her pussy muscles to squeeze the hot jizz out.

Natasha and her cute friend has sex on a million dollar boat

What do you get when you take two hot and horny chicks put them on a boat and oil their asses down? Well.. You get a lot of eye candy and a whole lot of fucking fun! These chicks where ready and willing to suck and fuck any dick that came their way. Now it’s only right that the captain of the ship get some action first and man did he. Natasha and her cute friend sucks his dick like a well trained tag team, and after the captain squirted him semen all over their tits, he passed the ladies right along to his first mates. By now these two sluts where more than warmed up and after another round of dick sucking, fucking and swapping, the ladies got another sticky dose of cum all over their faces.


Cute Redhead Roxy Gets Ass Fucked Then Facialized

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Roxy with her ass up sucking dick

This cute redhead has a petite body with a nice round booty and tits that can fit in the palm of each hand. After showing off her body, Roxy got completely naked and went right to work using her silver sex toy. She slowly pushed it in and pulled it out of her booty hole making sure that dildo went deep enough to get her tight butt hole adjusted and ready for the anal pounding she was going to receive. After playing with her toy, Roxy did a good job lubricating cock with her saliva, after that is was time for some ass fucking. Roxy enjoyed every stroke, she was loving everything even the facial, but it looked like she was trying not to gag when a few squirts of hot cum got into her mouth.


Shante Gets Treated Like A Dirty Whore

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Shante with cum hanging off her lips

Shante is a cutie, I wouldn’t mind having my balls slap against her ass cheeks. This whole scene was crazy and got really hardcore fast, they really treated this hottie like the dirtiest of whores. Cocks where shoved down her throat, they pushed her gag reflexes to the limit and fucked her in everyway possible. Shante even had an orgasm while she had a dick in her pussy and another one up her ass. This chick got spitted on and rough up and she enjoyed every fucking second of it all. Even when cum was running down her face she smiled and said try not to get any in my hair. Come on, you just got to love that.


Lil Bit Takes A Few Shots Of Jizz Straight To The Head

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Lil Big swallowing a shot glass fulled with cum

Alright ladies and gentleman, this is a little more hardcore than what’s normally on this site, you may or may not want to see this. Now you might of seen plenty of women swallowing cum before but not like this. Now it all starts off with Lil Bit (yeah… that’s her name) sitting at a little bar setup. Meanwhile the guys are all beating off into this shot glass. So they bring her the glass and ask Lil Bit if she’s ready and next thing you know she’s chucking it down like a glass of OJ. Not only did she drink it but when there was still a little left they mixed it and Lil Bit took that to the head too.


Alexia Shows Off Her Booty While Doing Splits

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Alexia's booty sticks up while doing spilts

Nothing stimulates a man’s imagination more than watching a hot chick perform splits, Seeing a women’s legs open at a 180 degree angle can have the dumbest man coming up with multiple ways of hitting her snatch. With my dirty mind I’ve already came up with at least fourty sexual positions I can have Alexia in. The more flexible the girl the more positions, the only limit is your imagination, and alexia is one flexible bitch. Splits isn’t the only thing you’ll want to see Alexia do, you watch her play with her pussy using her sex toys and wet sticky fingers.

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