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Pleasure Hike

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Jada Stevens getting her pussy licked by the doggystyle loving Kristina Rose.



Rock Hard Worker

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Ava Devine giving some nice head.



Devil On The Prowl

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Ava Devine gets the dick wet with her tongue before fucking.

While at a restaurant Ava Devine is told by a lady across from her that the waiter serving both of them has a big dick. If Veronica Rayne was right Ava would be willing to do anything anywhere to satisfy her hungry for cock. As Keiran Lee goes back and forth taking the ladies orders Ava and Veronica soon find themselves in an battle for attention. Veronica licks on a strawberry like a cock loving freak and Ava ends up topping her, even doing some pussy play for Keiran to see. Tired of the competition Ava offers to pay for Veronica’s meal and tells her to leave. Soon Ava had the big dick all to herself, slut couldn’t wait to take it out and once she dick the bitch was over it. Slut deepthroated cock, slid it between her titties and talked dirty as dick entered her tight asshole.


Penis In Her Future

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Priya Rai sucking on a fat dick 

Priya Rai was looking for some guidance so she went to see Billy Glide the palm reader. At the reading Billy shows her a card which shows the big hard symbol of growth. It looks like her strong energy had brought what she really wanted and Billy was going to point her to it. He tells Priya to look under the table, waiting underneath was a huge hard cock. Now all was clear and Priya knew her destiny or at least her pussy was about to fulfilled. Surprised with how big Billy’s dick was she played with it then tried stuffing the whole thing in her mouth. After sucking cock Priya got her ass pounded on the ready table. This freak took the dick in midair, on her back, and doggystyle but her reading wasn’t finished until her chest was covered with hot drops of Billy’s guidance.


London Goes Down

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London sucking on a hard dick

Konichiwa bitches! I got this hot Japanese girl to show you and man does she have some nice curves. Her name is London Keys and along with a killer smile she has all natural tits and a little something something in the back that might keep you happy. On top of all those goodies she has a tongue ring that she can, will and does know how to use. this bitch came to the cum fiesta door looking fine as hell and with her titties out you could tell London already knew what she wanted. This slut came to get that beautiful face of hers glazed and that’s exactly what she was going to get. After playing with her pussy London switched from oral to fucking, chick can ride but her specialty is slowly sucking dick and when she was done her face was white and sticky.


The Entertainment Has Arrived

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Mika Tan putting her tongue on Priva's butt

TJ was stuck at a local motel which didn’t have a working television. He calls the office and after complaining they promised to find a way to make him happy. Forty minutes later his entertainment arrived in the form of two big ass Asian sluts. These sexy escorts were willing to do anything and everything to make TJ feel better. Mika Tan and Priva started off playing with each other, teasing TJ as he watched them use oil. When it came time for his nude lap dance TJ was hard as a rock so the girls treated to some sloppy spit dripping head. Tj was having fun and if he didn’t like all of the cock teasing or nasty head he had to love fucking these girls anally. After feeling Mika and Priva’s assholes tighten around his dick he squirted his load on both of their soft cheeks.


Anal Loving Super Freak

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Ava Devine the big booty sex beast

Mr. Gunn was searching deep in the Los Angeles outback for the elusive and tight Devine Booty, a freak of sexual nature. Once he finally caught her he couldn’t wait to tame the sex beast with some hard cock. Before he could tame anything he would have to get past her deadly head, her warm pussy and her very tight ass. Mr. Gunn finally had the wild freak in captivity so he took her home to see if all those legends where true. This proved to be a big mistake as the hunter soon became the hunted. Ava Devine went straight for the dick, making his soft cock harder than the rocks she was used to pouncing on. After getting his dick wildly sucked the confrontation got even more hardcore as Ava Devine tryed killing the hunter by laying down her tight bouncing ass.


Squirting Over Her Soft Ass

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Taj Malai getting cum all over her bubble butt

Aah so much ass so little time, right now I want you to check out Taj Malai. She’s a little cutie with a soft booty and right now you’re about to watch her catch a case of some hard dick. Taj Malai loves showing off her booty and with her dick sucking lips I just couldn’t wait to see her slip a hard penis in her mouth. She got her pussy licked after shaking her ass and once that was done she started using those lips. Back and forth she sucked on the head while stroking shaft. Taj was ready to fuck but once she got some dick in her she didn’t do much of the fucking. She was trying her best to ride but all she could do was relax and enjoy the dick. After getting her bubble butt pounded on from behind Taj felt warm drops of cum squirt all over her soft ass.


Porn Star Anal Queens Go Mad

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Ava Devine sucks penis while Sandra Romain shows off her onion booty

I don’t know who decided to put these bitches together but good fucking job. You deserve a pat on the back, a raise, and some head. Ava Devine and Sandra Romain… sweet goodness the porn gods have answered my prays again. Guys you might want break out the lube and the napkins cause shit is about to get nasty. Fuck going mad when it cums to cock these bitches are deranged. Everything started out normal with the girls showing off some onion booty. Once the dick came out these bitches went wild, squirting oil all over each other, licking and fingering each other’s asshole. They was rarely a time where the three link fuck chain wasn’t connected by a tongue, cock or finger, this was fucking madness.


Sucking Cock For Educational Purposes

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Ave Devine sucking on a hard white cock

Usually I try to stay far away from crazy chicks but that’s exactly why I love Ava Devine. She fucks like a mad women, loves showing off her booty and taking anal and with a phat ass this slut has a mouth dirtier than a ship full of sailors. In this update from SexPro Adventures Zane wanted some tips on how to fuck a hot model but with Ava Devine being the teacher he learns the hardcore lesson of Slut Fucking 101. This lesson plan includes the art of face fucking, how to rough up a bitch (my personal favorite), pussy hammering, and busting a nut all over a slut’s face, mouth and hair. Damn this chick is an unstoppable sex beast, I love to take some one on one classes!

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